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Camilo Sesto has put out a lot of records throughout his career, the vast majority of them in the 1970s and early '80s, when he was most popular. For that reason, it makes sense why 20 Grandes Exitos concentrates on the first part of his discography, culling songs from five early albums (Camilo, Amor Libre, Memorias, Rasgos , and Entre Amigos ). The songs are chronologically listed, which is nice, and almost makes up for the fact that many of the titles have letters missing on the back cover ("Jam s" instead of "Jamás," "T , Solamente T" instead of "Tú, Solamente Tú," "Mi nteme" instead of "Miénteme," etc), and the Spaniard's voice is smooth, the production is clean, the choruses are catchy. In short, it's a nice, albeit far from comprehensive, collection of Sesto 's work from that time period, great for warm summer nights when there's nothing better to do than sit around with friends and talk fondly about the happier things in life.

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Also called 'Grupero' , Norteno music uses an accordion and a 'bajo sexto' or twelve string guitar along with other instruments. New migrants in Northern Mexico blended European waltzes and polka with Ranchero music back in the late 19th century. Today, this music has a fast polka-like beat and it is still popular in the Northern parts of the country.

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Camilo Sesto - SentimientosCamilo Sesto - SentimientosCamilo Sesto - SentimientosCamilo Sesto - Sentimientos