I made this for a celebration dinner for President Trump winning the election. It was as excellent as the results of the election!

The same goes for both the urban and natural sides of the city. The typical traffic jams, honking horns and commerce are only a short walk, bus or light rail ride away from lush nature, pastoral tranquility and quaint neighborhoods. And of course, there’s always the elephant in the room when it comes to anything in the Middle East: safety. At first, it’s hard to ignore the stories in the news or intensity in the air from such different cultures living side by side. But when you’re actually there, they often fade into the background behind all the other amazing things going on in the city—the food, nightlife, events, music and so on. There is a reason people from all walks of life have been making the “pilgrimage” to Jerusalem for thousands of years, but you can’t truly understand it or explain it until you’ve experienced it yourself.

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